Medavia Aviation Mediterranean Ltd.

Main Need: Increase hangar, light-quality, lower energy consumption, improve working comfort.

Solution Provided:

  • The Solatube system installed saves over 30Kwh per day as compared to conventional lighting using electrical power.
  • Project was designed to allow further development of more floors

System Installed: Solatube 160 DS Daylighting System

Bella Vista Hotel

Main Need: Energy efficient heating source for sanitary hot water.

Solution Provided: Design, supply and installation of 50 Astersa Solar Thermal Collectors with heating components. The return on investment on the complete system is three and half years.

JM Vassalo Vibro Blocks

Main Need: Lowering energy consumption costs whilst ulitlising the roof space available.Ventilation to lower the internal temperatures of the building during summer months and minimise condensation issues in winter. Improve air quality in the working area.

Solution Provided: Design, supply and installation of an integrated system of Natural Ventilation & Solar Energy generating over 931,500kwh of energy a year. The Suntellite 621Kwp PV System consists of 2400 PV Modules. The 44 Hurricane H700 Turbine Natural Ventilators provide sufficient ventilation for the factory shop floor area of 1900m3.

Lufthansa Technik Malta

Main Need: Cost efficient lighting inside the offices, conference rooms and common areas.

Solution Provided:

  • Enhanced visual comfort with a more consistent daylight experience
  • 20-40% reduction in energy usage for electrical lighting
  • Illuminating inner offers with the flexibility

System Installed: Solatube 160 DS Daylighting System

Greentech Solutions Ltd.

Main Need: Increase factory air-quality, lower factory ambient temperature, improve worker comfort.

Solution Provided: 26 Hurricame H500 Turbo Ventilators were installed over the roof area of the factory. The exhaust rate of the 26 x H500 ventilators at 3m/s wind speed is 28,600m3/h.

The air temperature and quality where significantly improved, the positive result of which was perceived by the personnel.

Union Print Malta Ltd.

Main Need: Increase factory air-quality, lower factory ambient temperature, improve working comfort.

Solution Provided: 84 units H800 type (hurricane ventilator) were installed over the roof area of the factory.

The exhaust rate of the 84 x H800 ventilators a 3m/s wind speed is 218,400m3/h. The air temperature and quality where significantly improved, the positive result of which was perceived by the personnel. The working environment was improved for the benefit of all.

System Installed: H800 Hurricane Ventilators

Savio College in Malta

Main Need: The main school hall at Savio Collage is used for sport activities throughout the year. The client wanted to increase the light output quality whilst reducing the energy consumption and the cost associated with it.

Solution Provided: Installation of Led fixtures specifically designed to include three Led modules per lamp ensuring optimal light distribution for sport stadiums. The lighting can also be controlled simultaneously, resulting in further savings. The results were over 65% savings on energy consumption and a significant improvement in light quality.

System: 25 Careca 3 IP 68 105W Led Modules

Aviation Group

Main Need:  UV rays and heat from south facing windows were negatively affecting employees working in the office. The client also required a product with low reflectivity as the windows are facing the MIA runway and security for the aircrafts needs to be ensured at all times.

Solution Provided: Installation of  a custom designed Solar Film providing about 66% of heat rejection and 99% of UV rejection. The film also has a very low reflectivity and could be. The client now benefits from both the lower energy consumption due to the decreased demand for air-conditioning units and the increase in productivity from their employees.

Luna Holiday Complex

Main Need: An energy efficient solution to controlling the temperature within the rooms, especially in the summer months. UV radiation were also causing degradation to the internal furniture.  The client required a solution that will not effect the appearance of the building.

Solution Provided: Installation of custom designed transparent Solar Film providing an about 51% of heat rejection and 99% of UV rejection. The film also has  a very low absorption factor making it possible to be installed internally.

Valletta Gate Way Terminals

Main Need: UV radiation and heat coming from the south facing windows. The client required a solution that will increase the comfort of their employees, reduce energy consumption and increase the overall privacy in the office.

Solution Provided: External installation of Solar film providing about 75% of heat rejection and 99% of UV rejection.

Paradise Bay Resort

Main Need:

  • Heating up to 400m3 indoor pool all year around
  • Heating of domestic hot water distributed to guest rooms
  • Be more efficient and lower CO2 foot print
  • Reduce energy costs / fuel consumption
  • Re-invest obtained savings to enhance the hotel services

Solution Provided:

  • Save 25,111 Lt on fuel consumption
  • Save €20,842 on fuel cost
  • 79,076Kg CO2 reduction
  • ROI should be 4 years, but considering the above savings it will go down to about 5 years
  • Heating up the indoor pool is now affordable and over 85% sustained by the solar thermal plant

System installed: 92 KW of heating energy

Le Meridian St.Julians Hotel and Spa

Main Need: Decrease the ambient temperature and glare effect inside the guests rooms.

Solution Provided: Saving on CO2, over 52,600Kg per year while solving problems related with solar radiation (heat, UV and glare) inside the premises.

System Installed: RB Silver 20 74% IR & 99% UV rejection Window Film

4.2 Kwp PV system for Residential installation

Residential holding: Terraced house

System Installed: 4.2 Kwp PV system with 300W Axitec modules and SMA Inverter

Client request: Maximising the roof space

Solution: Optimal system for single phase connections. The electricity generated will not only be consumed by the residents, but will also be sold to Enemalta for 20 years at the feed in tariff of €0.155/kwh

Total saving: the PV system will generate approximately 6,300kwh/year (€976)


  1. The majority of energy generated will be sold to Enemalta
  2. The PV system will generate energy and create shade
  3. The best possible use of the roof space

Life science park in malta

Recowatt is delighted to have completed a Solatube Daylighting Systems project at Life Sciences Park Malta, which included the installation of 57 units of 160ds daylighting systems. The Park encourages the adoption of environmentally friendly principles, which Recowatt is proud to have been part of.

Solatube Daylighting Systems are a smart, energy-efficient and cost-effective way of harnessing the sun’s natural light and using it to illuminate a space. Natural light is brought in to replace the use of electrically powered light fixtures during the day, significantly reducing energy consumption.

The installation of Solatube Daylighting Systems takes only a few hours, is leak-proof and involves no structural change. All in all, Solatube is a brilliant way to brighten your home or business whilst saving money and helping the environment.

Malta’s Life Sciences Park is a space where companies can conduct research towards business development and advanced pharmaceutical research, and is home to a number of applied research activities and projects in various sectors. These projects are aiding the European Union to become a more sustainable, smart and inclusive economy by 2020.

Double solar water heater for Residential installation :

Main need : get an efficient way to heat your water for sanitary hot water

Solution provided : Recowwat has high technological solar water heater that will provide you higly satisfaction and will make you get a quick return on investment.