Savio College in Malta

Main Need: The main school hall at Savio Collage is used for sport activities throughout the year. The client wanted to increase the light output quality whilst reducing the energy consumption and the cost associated with it.

Solution Provided: Installation of Led fixtures specifically designed to include three Led modules per lamp ensuring optimal light distribution for sport stadiums. The lighting can also be controlled simultaneously, resulting in further savings. The results were over 65% savings on energy consumption and a significant improvement in light quality.

System: 25 Careca 3 IP 68 105W Led Modules

Valletta Gate Way Terminals

Main Need: UV radiation and heat coming from the south facing windows. The client required a solution that will increase the comfort of their employees, reduce energy consumption and increase the overall privacy in the office.

Solution Provided: External installation of Solar film providing about 75% of heat rejection and 99% of UV rejection.