PV Panels

JM Vassalo Vibro Blocks

Main Need: Lowering energy consumption costs whilst ulitlising the roof space available.Ventilation to lower the internal temperatures of the building during summer months and minimise condensation issues in winter. Improve air quality in the working area.

Solution Provided: Design, supply and installation of an integrated system of Natural Ventilation & Solar Energy generating over 931,500kwh of energy a year. The Suntellite 621Kwp PV System consists of 2400 PV Modules. The 44 Hurricane H700 Turbine Natural Ventilators provide sufficient ventilation for the factory shop floor area of 1900m3.

4.2 Kwp PV system for Residential installation

Residential holding: Terraced house

System Installed: 4.2 Kwp PV system with 300W Axitec modules and SMA Inverter

Client request: Maximising the roof space

Solution: Optimal system for single phase connections. The electricity generated will not only be consumed by the residents, but will also be sold to Enemalta for 20 years at the feed in tariff of €0.155/kwh

Total saving: the PV system will generate approximately 6,300kwh/year (€976)


  1. The majority of energy generated will be sold to Enemalta
  2. The PV system will generate energy and create shade
  3. The best possible use of the roof space