Zammit Nurseries

Recowatt has recently completed a PV systems project for our esteemed client, Zammit Nurseries. Their premises in Attard are now equipped with a 10Kwp PV system designed with 40 modules of 255W each and a STP 10000 Inverter.
Amongst many benefits, a PV system allows you to generate your own electricity and also profit from Feed-in Tariffs issued by the Maltese Government, while contributing to reducing CO2 emissions. Photovoltaic technology can be applied and adopted to make use of available roof space or any open space that is exposed to the sun.

With a history in horticulture and floriculture exceeding a century, Zammit Nurseries is creating a new concept in gardening and home interior. Offering flower gifts for a variety of occasions, as well as garden products, edible gourmet gifts and office plant services, Zammit Nurseries can continue their beautiful work with a newly reduced environmental footprint.