Life science park in malta

Recowatt is delighted to have completed a Solatube Daylighting Systems project at Life Sciences Park Malta, which included the installation of 57 units of 160ds daylighting systems. The Park encourages the adoption of environmentally friendly principles, which Recowatt is proud to have been part of.

Solatube Daylighting Systems are a smart, energy-efficient and cost-effective way of harnessing the sun’s natural light and using it to illuminate a space. Natural light is brought in to replace the use of electrically powered light fixtures during the day, significantly reducing energy consumption.

The installation of Solatube Daylighting Systems takes only a few hours, is leak-proof and involves no structural change. All in all, Solatube is a brilliant way to brighten your home or business whilst saving money and helping the environment.

Malta’s Life Sciences Park is a space where companies can conduct research towards business development and advanced pharmaceutical research, and is home to a number of applied research activities and projects in various sectors. These projects are aiding the European Union to become a more sustainable, smart and inclusive economy by 2020.