Recowatt was set up in 2005 with a solid mission of becoming a leader in the local renewable energy products and services industry.

Since then, we have evolved from a purely electrical and mechanical service offering, into a visionary organisation that introduces, implements and supports, alternative and renewable technologies, together with energy conservation.

We keep environmental preservation and conservation at the forefront of our operations, respecting human wellbeing through the holistic application of the various technologies, including correct and custom application.

Recowatt is based on the premise of providing expert advice and service, throughout the client experience, from the quote all the way to installation. We feel that this ensures  successful application and performance of the product, both for the client and the environment.

With regards to our international partners, extensive research is conducted on the particular technologies, including pilot installations to asses performance firsthand – always inline with ISO9001 service standard.


Moreover, each team member is professionally trained by our Senior Management to ensure the correct execution of the installation procedure, that safety regulations are being respected and that the correct instructions are well communicated with the client for optimum product performance.

The strategic ties within the company set the right fusion of human resources to tackle any issue from a technical and logistical perspective, assuring our clients that we have the right tools in place to handle their particular requirements.

Our team’s expertise:

  • Electrical Engineers

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Electrical Licensed A & B technicians

  • Electronics technicians

  • Mechanical Fitters coming from various sectors in the industry.

  • The sales and marketing team comprises a mix of highly experienced and professional personnel that carry the same company values to meet our clients’ expectations.